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    Gelato Spaghetti
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    Made with the Gelato Base, Homemade Strawberry Sauce, and Shaved White Chocolate. Gluten-free, Nuts-Free. Limited Edition.

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    Gelatology Baked Goods
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    We have a wide variety of treats at Gelatology

    Chocolate Chip Cookies, Nuts-Free
    $6.00 (Buy In-Store Only)

    Oatmeal Cranberries Cookies, Nuts-Free
    $6.00 (Buy In-Store Only)

    Alfajores Made with Dulce de Leche and Coconut, Nuts-Free
    $6.50 (Buy In-Store Only)

    Nutella Biscuit, Nuts-Free
    $6.00 (Buy In-Store Only)

    Biscolatte – Perfect for Coffee or Tea, Nuts-Free
    $4.50 (Buy In-Store Only)

    Caramel Cookies, Nuts-Free
    $5.00 (Buy In-Store Only)
    Dr. FeelJoy's Marshmallows Bloks (Seasonal)
    Ube, Pandan, Peppermint, Vanilla, Passion Fruit, Chocolate
    $6.00 (Buy In-Store Only)

    Polvorones Espanoles: yummy soft cookies made with almonds and toasted flour $6.00
    Baci Di Dama: classic italain almond cookies and chocolate $6.00
    Christmas Basket custom made (contact us for information)

    Cup Cakes For any occasions
    Smore’s Cupcakes $3.25
    Red Velvet Cupcakes $3.25
    Triple Chocolate Cupcakes $3.25

    Candy and Other Sweets

    Honey Brittle $3.25
    Peanut Brittle $6.00
    Pretzel Dipped in Chocolate $5.50
    Bonbons (hazelnut truffles) $1.75
    Coconut Macarrons $6.00

    French Macarons assorted flavors:
    Green Tea

    Butter Fingers Rice Krispy Treats $3.50
    Brownies $4.75
    Almond Pistachio Turrone (seasonal) $7.25